How common is PTSD?

It is difficult to calculate where and who will suffer from PTSD.  There are many methods to assess and multiple demographics in the populace to consider. One common thread for PTSD is the occurrence of a traumatic event. However, not everyone who has experienced a traumatic event will develop PTSD. Other factors involving an individuals predisposition prior to and after the event seem to be of importance to the disorder development.

Who can participate in your programs?

Any individual, with a verifiable diagnosis of having PTSD, regardless of their demography can participate in our programs.

How does Waves To Recovery, Inc. fundraise?

We have a number of special events and fund raisers that we host in order to collect contributions that will benefit sufferers of PTSD through relief programs of ocean 'therapy' and to assist in the payment of their formal therapy sessions as prescribed by a licensed mental health professional.